Pink Rain Photography: Blog en-us (C) Pink Rain Photography [email protected] (Pink Rain Photography) Sat, 21 Oct 2023 22:14:00 GMT Sat, 21 Oct 2023 22:14:00 GMT Pink Rain Photography: Blog 120 113 My Family - Fall 2022 It's now been a year since I have taken these photos of my family. I have been awful at blogging or posting my work. To tell you the truth sometimes I'm my own worst enemy and feel like my work isn't good enough to post. I have stacks of pictures to still hand out from fall 2022...accidentally printed off an extra 25. So I'll still be handing them out! ;) 

I have tried to take photos of my family & kids yearly since my oldest was just a baby.  He will become a teenager next September! With the passing of time these photos over the years are even more precious. When's the last time you had your family photos taken? Times goes by so quickly. Days into weeks, weeks into months, months into years. Photos are important to me, because someday that might be the only thing you have left. Quality photos are something to treasure for years to come. 





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The Shook Family I have been meaning to do more blogging & get all caught up on that! With schooling at home I haven't gotten too far!  In the fall I had the opportunity to take photos for the Shook family.  It was fun to work with them. Since then a member of their family has passed away. And I was told that they were glad they got these family photos done. I feel too that photos are important & a treasured keepsake to have. 

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Baby Emery Emery Rose you are just so sweet! I had the privilege of taking my newest nieces newborn photos back in August. One thing good about this social distancing, is getting things checked off of my to do list! And blogging is something I must get caught up on. Sadly we were wanting to go visit them durning spring break. And of course that never happened due to COVID-19.  Babies just grow way too fast & we have seen very little of baby Emery. :(  I guess we will need to FaceTime instead. 

 Back in the summer when I took these - My sister had the most beautiful flowers blooming in her garden & I made use of them. It was so much fun to create a fresh floral wreath for a baby girl -finally! The roses just went with her middle name! 


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The Little Family On a beautiful October afternoon last fall, I had the honour to take my sister's family photos out on their farm. I love that they still have an old barn standing. I love them! The barn has been on the Little's family farm since 1960. And was used to milk cows.  The kids were troopers & we got some great shots of them! And in a couple more months, their newest addition will be here! And I can't wait! 

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My Family Fall 2018 Well it's about time I got our fall family photos on here! It's always a little bit of a challenge taking your own. But we managed again! I am in love with these & the corn made a perfect backdrop! :)

 I added this last photo to show you that you will get those goofy ones - and that's ok! Makes you LOL going through them after! 



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Mothers Day 2018 truly love these Mother's Day photos from my past Mother's Day!  My hubby after a little bit of coxing set up the backdrop for his wife with the crazy ideas.;) And I had fun decorating & setting up the rest. Thanks to my awesome hubby that takes pictures of the boys & I every Mother's Day.  It has been a yearly tradition since my very first. These ones are my favourite yet!  And soon enough 2019 Mother's Day will be here! 


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The Holt Family Just trying to get completely caught up on blogging! Getting closer! Thankfully my client had these on a USB I had given them. (Because if you haven't heard me say already...I lost my edited pics when my computer crashed!!!) These were from the fall of 2017 but I still wanted them to make their way to my blog. I love this old barn, the fall colours & they were all greatly color cordinated. I remember the evening being just perfect! Thanks so much for choosing me to do your family photos!   

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The Christie Family So the Christie's have this cool old barn at their place! Perfect place for pictures! It was a bit cold that day I remember, and foggy.  Started to spit a bit durning the session but the kids did so well. And the old truck was perfect for some shots as well. Love your place!  These photos were taken a year ago in September & I can tell your kids have grown!  Thanks so much for your continued support!

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The Stolz Family Hi everyone! I haven't blogged in a long time and one of the reasons is, it is a lot of work & another reason is my computer crashed. Sad face...

:( More like the crying emoji. I lost all my edited pictures from the last 3 years. :( 1000's of hours put in to those!!  But I was happy to at least get back my original pictures. Luckily I had these pictures stored in an online album.  I took these pictures of this lovely family May 2017. The girls are getting so big & the boys too as a matter of fact.  A couple of them towering over me! Time goes by so fast, that is why I feel you need to take the time to get family photos!


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Fall 2016 Family Photos Well it's about time I got these on here!  I took pictures of my kids in September.  Thanksgiving weekend we received snow, which was the second weekend in October!  I thought I wouldn't get the chance to take a picture of our family.  And I was a wee bit sad, ok I was very sad it snowed that early!  But I'm glad it didn't turn into winter that soon, it gave me a second chance & ended up doing them closer to the end of October.  We had a way nicer November then we did October!  November gave us some of our fall back.  It worked out good to do them two separate days.  It's getting harder to try to do them myself!  Believe me there were times I wanted to cry...should have included the pictures...the boys turned around with their backs facing me sitting on the crate.  They thought it was funny!  I am thankful for the ones that did turn out! :)  I want to cherish these moments of my little boys.  And now to get some pictures printed for my gallery wall.  Also those of you who wanted pictures of us I will try to get them sent shortly! 


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Denver's Cake Smash Well my second son just turned two & I'm posting his cake smash session from his first birthday!  I'm just a little behind!  A year sure flies by.  I remember him having a hard time destroying the cake.  I had to push his hand into it!  They are too cute not to share.   

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The Stolz Family I got the chance to photograph this family not so long ago.  Hard to believe how big these boys are getting!!  The oldest is graduating this year from high school & they wanted to get some family photos done.  Here is a sneak peak from their session!


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Baby Autumn This adorable wee girl, Autumn Ann I get to call my niece!  All of us are pretty excited because she broke the boy streak in our family...6 boys!  So the minute this Auntie found out, I seriously started picking out girl clothes!  13 days old here, weighted 8 pounds 2 ounces.  It was a challenge to get big brother Boyd to co-operate, but he reluctantly did.  Congrats again to you 3 on a beautiful little girl!   

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The Bencz-Regan Family It was so fun shooting this cute, down to earth little family!  Went out to their farm a couple weekends ago for their session.  Such an awesome little place you have, I just loved it!  One of the goats got out while I was setting up to take pictures of their little guy so it made for some sweet pictures!  

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Baby Braden Feels good to be finally blogging these sweet photos of my little nephew Braden.  We traveled out to Manitoba to visit my family in March. While we out there we traveled to Selkirk, MB to visit my sister, brother-in-law & Braden.  Braden came 7 weeks early.  So glad that they had an indication that Laina would possibly deliver early.  Born January 16th.  Weighing 4 pounds & 10 ounces.  Just 11 days after I had my baby.  This little man spent a month in the hospital.  He is doing so amazing & it's incredible what they can do these days!  Congrats mommy & daddy!  You have a precious little boy!  Can't wait to see you all again soon, I am sure Braden has grown a lot!   

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Baby Denver Denver wasted no time coming into this world!  My contractions started at 2:00 a.m. that day & by 4:29 a.m. he was born.  Quite an hour ride to the hospital - one that I will not forget.  I was pretty sure I was going to have him in the vehicle.  I couldn't stop the urge to push & Jeremy just keep saying "oh no."  My water ended up breaking just before going over the bridge heading into Edson.  Jeremy said, "oh no, just wait!"  Got to the hospital finally at 4:20 a.m. & Jeremy ran in & told the nurses.  "My wife is having a baby!!"   He came running out with a wheel chair with the nurse trailing behind.  I guess the nurse didn't believe I was that far along until she heard me...haha.  I didn't even have time to gown up!  Jeremy, took our older son Jasper over to his sisters.  And by the time he got back Denver was already born!   Denver was delivered by a student doctor & two nurses.  So 9 minutes at the hospital & he was born!  The one nurse asked the student doctor, "how much do you think he weighs?"  His response, "7 pounds maybe?"  LOL.  My first born was 9 pounds, 6 ounces.  I don't think I have a chance!  My birthing story was the talk of the morning at the hospital!  LOL.  One thing I know is that they need to fix some road heaves on that highway!  

Denver here is two weeks old.  I didn't want to buy anymore backdrops because I'm trying to save up for a new lens & camera...and they are not cheap.  So I got Jeremy to make me the sliced log backdrop.  And it looked great.  Just the look that I wanted!  Since one of Denver's middle names comes from my Grandpa who passed away last summer, I wanted to incorporate in Denver's photos a piece of his Great Grandpa's flannel shirt.  The knitted pants Denver is wearing, I up-cycled them from an old sweater of mine.

We are so happy & blessed to have two healthy little boys!  

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My lil man is 3! My lil baby is turning into a lil man!  Jasper turned 3 not so long ago.  I took advantage of the beautiful fall weather we had, that I had 2 different sessions with him!  Maybe he was getting a little sick of his mom!  The first time I attempted photos of him I took all the props out & he only would sit for one photo....:(  I was disappointed.  Sometimes with toddlers you have to just go with the flow, even if you have other plans in mind.  So when I tried again I just followed him around & took photos of what he wanted to them - natural!  I did get him to co-operate for a few with the pumpkin & props.  The next week we headed down to the river.  A little bit chilly that day but he still didn't want to stop throwing rocks into the water, even considering that.  I love how these photos capture his character.  Our lives have truly changed by him coming into them.  We love you lots Jasper!  I couldn't just pick a few to post because there were so many ones I liked!    

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My Family So glad to get the chance to finally get our family photos done!  I had this vision of what I wanted it to look like & I'm so glad it came together & actually happened!  Thankful my husband went along with my "crazy" idea that I had.  I wasn't sure if I was going to get a chance this fall to do photos for ourselves.  Haven't attempted any family photos myself, since Jasper was around 10 months, so it was way over due!  And before long I'm going to have to redo them again!  :) With two kids I'm not sure I can tackle such a task!   It's a challenge for sure & I'm thankful for the ones that did turn out!  Bribe treats for Jasper & a bubble machine seemed to do it.  Had to work as fast as possible since we only had so much daylight left.  I would have liked to have gotten a few more that day...but I'm happy even if I don't get a chance for anymore.  Hope everyone is having a great fall!   

Jasper thought the teepee was cool & wanted me to take his photos inside it along with the suitcase! 

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Christie Family Last Saturday I headed out to the Christie farm.  I truly enjoyed shooting out there & shooting them - shooting them with my camera that is!  I had been eying up their barn ever since they moved there! ;)  They have a unique old barn.  We had just gotten a September snow that same week. CRAZY! I was so glad it warmed up enough on Saturday & that there was nothing falling from the sky! Thanks again for letting me photograph your family!   

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Paul & Susan's Wedding Last week on Friday, I had the opportunity to travel to Jasper.  Paul & Susan's wedding took place on Pyramid Lake Island, at noon.  It was such a beautiful day & the most gorgeous setting to get married. Their wedding was laid back & casual, it was so nice!  Susan said to me "Who gets to wear jeans at their wedding?"  I said "I don't know maybe a cowgirl?"  Their wedding just involved their children & their boyfriends/girlfriends.  Susan's daughter married them.  Paul & Susan were just so easy to work with,  Susan was always laughing!  Wish you two all the best!  Here is just a sneak peak of some of the photos.     

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Toyin's Maternity Session Toyin & Lucas are expecting there fourth baby!!  Toyin is due pretty soon, here she was 38 weeks.  Excited to see this little guy, that's right they are having another boy!  We had planned to do the photos last Saturday, but circumstances changed that.  I actually thought I may not get to take her maternity photos at all.  But I'm so glad that it worked out on Monday because they were heading this way.  Poor girl was freezing the whole time, that is why for the majority of the photos she was wrapped up in my new find!  Lucas refused to be in them & I wasn't going to push him too much.  Glad that I did get him in a few.  I just love how they turned out & I hope you do too!  You look gorgeous, that baby belly looks good on ya. ;)  I know your tired of it!  Toyin, I hope the delivery all goes well.  We are patiently waiting to hear the news!   

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Valentine's Mini I know this is getting on my blog after Valentine's Day.  I was debating making a blog post for it or just adding photos to an album on my website, but I took pictures of all the details so I really didn't not want to blog it.  It was fun putting this all together.  I made the props & even rigged up my own stand.  Got it all set up the day before Valentine's Day to take pictures of my son.  He was a pretty good little model.  Next year I plan to be in business for Valentine's mini sessions.  Also I hope to at least hold one mini session in the summer.  I'll keep you up to date on my Facebook page.  Make sure you can see all my posts, so you don't miss out on anything.    



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Baby Gavin Bringing to you baby Gavin, my sweet little nephew!  19 days old for the majority of these photos.  I think his parents would agree that the photos were a bit challenge. ;)  But the second time around he actually fell asleep for a longer period of time & we all were crossing our fingers & doing everything ever so quietly!  Thanks for the extra hands too!  Oh & by the way this was my first time ever using studio lighting.  {So be kind all you other photographers!}  Thank you Becky & Richard for supporting me as I still continue to grow & learn.  May you cherish your moments with your precious baby boy! 

The reason for this tie?  Well it was one of Grandpa Sharman's ties & those of you who knew him know that he was a vehicle lover.  He probably got it from buying a lot of tires.  Ha ha.  I just thought it was cool idea to incorporate a tie with meaning!  One of my absolute favourite photos is the one on the right. 















Since Richard & Becky are both firefighters I thought it would be fitting to try doing some with their firefighting gear.  This is my favourite one from the set up.      



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More of Our Canada My son, Jasper was published in More of Our Canada Magazine in November.  I was so excited when they contacted me in September, to say they liked my photo I sent to them & that it would be published in the November issue!  Thanks to Auntie Dawn who gave me the idea to enter my work!  

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C & N Sharman Family Feels good to finally get this on my blog after being sick & then making a trip out to Manitoba.  It was an honour to photograph my Brother-in-Law Cole & Sister-in-Law Nadine & my handsome nephews Noah & Levi & my pretty niece Roselin.  I wanted to do their session in the boneyard.  A place that has a lot of meaning & memories of Wayne (Cole's dad).  We had fun walking around there looking at old cars & trucks again.  I had a great time capturing your family there!  Hope that you are truly trilled with your photos!   


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Baby Boyd Baby Boyd is finally on the blog!  This cute little guy is my nephew, 19 days old here.  I Wish I could have gotten out there sooner because it's the best to take newborn photos, within the first two weeks after they are born.  (There are a bunch of reasons).  I admire photographers that work with newborns & take the most amazing photos.  It sure does take a lot of patience, time & practice.  Boyd is such a little sweetheart, Amanda & Michael!  They sure don't stay little for long.  Thanks for the giving me the experience to photograph your little bundle of joy!    

I love this one!  He is a prince!  (By the way I made this gold little crown).  

This one is so sweet, mommy & Boyd!  Big blue eyes! 

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The Robb Family It was super exciting when Alana, contacted me to take photos of her three kids for Christmas cards.  She was one of the first people to contact me, other then family & friends.  Two weeks ago I headed out to their farm.  I'm a little nervous meeting people for the first time.  But I warmed up quickly as I was talking to them & getting to know them a little bit.  I had fun on your farm!  Thank you Alana for writing down places we could go on your farm to take photos.  (Since I had never been there).  And as well some ideas you guys had.  Made it easier on me!  Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer it was a pleasure!


 This is my absolute favourite photo of the eldest, Emma. 

This is my favourite photo of Waylon.  He wanted some with this older Ford truck they had on the farm.    

I found it hard picking my favourite one of the three of them.  I like all of them! 

This is Kate, the youngest.  It was hard to pick out my favourite photo of her because there where lots of great shots of her.  

The whole family! 


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Rebecca's Maternity Session Two weeks ago,  I had the privilege of capturing my sister in laws third pregnancy at 32 weeks.  Richard & Rebecca know that they are having a boy!  So Exciting!!  I wanted to make a sash for the session to reveal the gender!  The sash you see with the homemade flowers.  I think it turned out rather pretty.  Taking photos in the evening is the best time to take them, but also you have limited time because the sun sets so fast.  There are still a few that I missed taking & will post on the blog at a later date.  But here are some of the photos I did get from that evening.  Becky I think you looked beautiful!  You were a good sport, running through the tall grass & following me through the thistles & everywhere I wanted to take photos.  Becky's words:  "No wonder people get you to take their maternity make them go into labour."  Haha.  No luck with you yet hey?  Thank you for letting me be your photographer to capture this memory! 

  This is one of my favourite photos from that evening!  Love the glow of the sun & Becky you look great! (I hope that you like this one!)   

And a great shot of them all! 

I said I'd post the rest of Becky's maternity session, so here they are.  I really LOVE these ones too!  (There was another one I would have posted, if Becky would have let me...but I respect was lovely.  I will try to explain it.  It was her bare belly with the kids hands on it.  Then when I edited it I changed it to a light root beer float kind of color.  I love it!)   

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Amanda's Maternity Session This past weekend, I had the privilege of taking my sister Amanda's maternity photos along with her husband Michael.  We decided to all meet at Fort Edmonton.  An awesome place to take photos because of the variety of scenery all in one place.  I could have keep photographing them.  There is no limit of cool places to take photos there.  Thanks Michael for being a good sport & trying to be patient.  And Amanda thanks for being a beautiful pregnant model.  Hope you are as delighted with your photos as I am because I'm in love with a lot of them!    

  This photo is one of my absolute favourites!  I could see the horse trotting over to see her so I got my camera ready for the shot!  I was so excited when the horse came over and nudge her belly!  How prefect!  It made her dress a little dirty but this shot if Amanda agrees, was totally worth it! 

Michael wanted me to take this photo of him, feeding the horse green grass beside the sign that says: Do not feed the horses!  Rebel I'd say!  Lol.  (It was just a quick snap shot!)  

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Before the Storm Last Tuesday was a really hot day, the storm clouds rolled in quick.  I wanted to run out and take photos.  I kind of do like storms.  (Hmmm I was getting a start of a migraine that change?  One can't be sure.  It went away thank goodness).  We were coming back from the river & I stopped & took a photo with my phone & put it on Intagram, I actually like it better then the photo I got with my real camera.  The clouds had moved when I went back out there.  The cows were starting to gather together.  In the one photo I got, I liked how they all stood at the edge of the fence in a line.  I think they wanted there picture taken! ;)  The beautiful lilies have been out in full bloom.  So I went about picking a bouquet of different wild flowers I saw along the way.  The photo I took of just the sky, was the last outdoor photo I took before heading back inside.  I just made it back in time before the heavy rain & hail came down & my husband said to me, "you picked your own bouquet of flowers!"  Yes, yes I did & it was beautiful.       

This photo below I took today.  Just wondering are these butterflies or moths?  I tried looking them up today, but couldn't find them.  There has been a lot of them.  They like to all gather on the sand in the yard that is still wet.  These two stayed still long enough for me to take a few photos. Thought I may have to run in and get my long lens.



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Golden Hour I have been wanting to take some landscape photos during golden hour for a very long time.  Also had my eye on this old building on this hill.  Been wanting to capture it somehow.  So last night I just said "hunny, I'm going out to take photos durning golden hour."  He was like, "what's golden hour?"  I said, "oh right, I guess you probably don't know what I'm even talking about."  Photographers language!  So golden hour is the hour before sunset or the hour after sunrise.  Didn't know there was such a thing but online I found a golden hour calculator.  It tells you when golden hour starts that day!  It's something that doesn't last very long, so you have to work fast.  I think it turned out rather beautiful! 

[email protected] (Pink Rain Photography) Nature Photography Wed, 12 Jun 2013 22:53:44 GMT
Manitoba Just a few pictures from our trip to Manitoba (where I'm from).  Time at home never seems long enough.  Considering it is a 13 hour trip from our the stopping makes it that much longer.  Jasper had a little ride in the sprayer before Uncle & Grandpa  left the yard.  So it was a dash out to the sprayer, hence the reason he has no shoes on.  He was a little scared of it, but I wanted to get some photos, so I made him stay put just a little bit longer.  LOL.  Jasper loves dogs, but big dogs he keeps his distance.  Auntie Jenna was having fun with him outside here.  Meant to get more photos but this is all that I got...sorry grandma & grandpa & Uncle that I missed getting photos with you & Jasper! 


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Signs of Spring It doesn't seem like spring yet & it's almost May!  But there is hope!  I know that the pussy willows have been out for a bit now, but I finally remembered to bring my camera with me when we went on a walk the other day!  So just remember there are signs of spring out there!  I can't wait until the snow goes away & it dries up & everything starts turning green!


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17 Months Old On February 28th my baby boy was 17 months old.  What already?!  Not really realizing that I was taking photos of him the day he turned 17 months old!  We were playing outside & daddy had just came home from work.  We love him so much!  He has bought much joy into our lives & we wouldn't know what to do without him.  It's fun to watch him grow & learn everyday! 


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Cathline's Graduation These are overdue getting on here.  But I thought I'd post these few photos on here today!  Cathline is our niece and she graduated this past September!  These were just some quick shots, outside her school before she walked into the gym.  Way to go Cathline on graduating from Grade 12 & all the best to you in your future plans!!  Love ya. 

[email protected] (Pink Rain Photography) Graduation Wed, 27 Feb 2013 22:50:44 GMT
Tanzi's Maternity Session Tuesday, I traveled down to Rocky Mountain House to take maternity photos of my beautiful sister, Tanzi.  Warm day getting up to +14 down there.  But when I got out of the vehicle what a powerful wind!  Wow!  So we thought we would do some photos inside that day & wait until the morning to see if the wind was gone down outside.  We had all these cool photos planned out, but the lil guy had other plans!  I made it down there in the nick of time as Tanzi went into labor that night.  6 days early.  Since it being her first, I thought we would still have a week or more left....nope!  Anyways I was happy that my son & I got to go see the cute lil wee one, Tryn Martin! :)  Here's mommy when she was pregnant....

Auntie Tanzi & Jasper were having fun! (above) It was hard to keep him from getting in the photos!  I had this idea of the banner but I wanted Tanzi actually holding it...she was in the hospital when I took those ones.  I LOVE the banner photos even though her belly's not in them & her beauty I captured of her being pregnant, the beautiful window lighting on her!  

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Fun in the Snow! We are lucky that this winter weather has warmed up, so we took advantage of it!  I LOVE the low minus temps!!  I had been wanting a baby sled for Jasper & Jeremy found one at an antique store a few weeks back.  An awesome find for an awesome price!!  Those things aren't cheap at Canadian Tire!  I got a few photos yesterday, Jasper was getting a bit impatient.  He is usually dressed warmer to go outside on the sled but it was for the photos of course!! ;)  Also he has been fighting a AWFUL cold so it's best he is dressed warmer to stay out longer.  I got some really cute shots of our precious little boy!!  I'm just loving the hat!! 



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Beautiful Frosty Day Today it was a beautiful frosty day!  With hoar frost glistening everywhere.  I got a chance to go out & take some photos.  My hands where numb after that & had to warm up with a mug of hot chocolate!  Here are some of the frosty photos! 

I followed this guy around!  Can you spot him?  If I would have had another lens on I could have zoomed closer to him.  But this is the closest I could get for the lens I had on.  Also I don't like cropping my photos.  Still a cool photo!


[email protected] (Pink Rain Photography) Nature Photography Sat, 08 Dec 2012 03:25:34 GMT
Jenna Bean My youngest sister came out to visit us this summer & I finally got around to editing a few photos....she just wanted me to take some quick photos of her!  Here you go Jenna Bean these photos are for you!  Can't wait to see you at Christmas time!  Love you lots, your big sister.  oxoxo

Hope you like them Jenna!  Let me know which one you like.  


I just edited a few more photos from this summer.  I know that they are just dandelion's & yes I know dandelion's are weeds, but I love these ones!


[email protected] (Pink Rain Photography) Nature Photography Teen Photography Mon, 03 Dec 2012 21:15:27 GMT
The Christie Family Bringing to you the Dean & Cathy Christie family (some good friends of ours).  We had a beautiful fall evening at Willmore park just out of Edson.  Nice to have a variety of scenery.  Thanks Cathy for checking out the park for me before hand.  It had been a very long time since I had been down that way!!  Thanks for your guys co-operation!!  Jasmine and Miranda were excellent,  I think they were having fun throwing the leaves up in the air, sliding down the slide, reading a story and getting to hold mini pumpkins!!  Fall is a beautiful time for photos!!  Hope you LOVE the final results!!

Miranda found this huge leaf!!  So I wanted to take a picture of it some way.  This is what I did.  I think it looks great with the little mini orange pumpkin!! 

[email protected] (Pink Rain Photography) Children Photography Family Photography Fri, 05 Oct 2012 03:37:21 GMT
Jasper's One! Thought I'd post some of these photos that I took of Jasper (my son).  He just turned ONE September 28th!!  I took some photos of him the week before & the photos you will see of him sitting in the rocking chair I took the day after his birthday!!  There was just NO time the day of his birthday to do an actual photo shoot...I was busy doing the last minute things.  I really LOVED the photos I captured of Jasper!!  And I hope you will too!! :)  P.S. I think he is the cutest boy in the world!!  Who doesn't think their own children are the cutest?? Jasper just place his arm on the arm of the chair.  Posing for the camera just comes natural!! :)  That's fine by me!! 

I wanted him to stand up and hold onto the chair but instead he sat down!  Making a face while trying to sit in the tall grass! LOL!! 

[email protected] (Pink Rain Photography) Children Photography Jasper Fri, 05 Oct 2012 02:27:27 GMT
L & T Sharman Family I traveled to Hinton for this photo-shoot.  We had a great mosquito filled evening...I forgot to put on bug spray!!  That's always a must for a photographer as well as the clients.  It was fun with Lucas & Toyin & the kids walking the Beaver Boardwalk & spotting the beaver!  Which Verdell was so excited about!  Also he loved seeing the fish that we spotted in someones yard on the walk back to their house!  They wanted some photos in their back yard too with Toyin's parents.  I got some great shots of their family & portraits of their kids.  Hope you are thrilled with your photos!  Here are some photos that I captured from that evening!  

I really couldn't narrow down some of these photos.  I thought these last few photos were all so cute of the kids!  I love close up face crops of children! 

[email protected] (Pink Rain Photography) Children Photography Family Photography Fri, 07 Sep 2012 21:53:30 GMT
The Riggan Family Had a great photo-shoot on a sunny hot afternoon with the Riggan's & of course their dog Tarca!  In love with the clouds in some of these photos!!  Cathline is graduating from high school this year.  So they wanted to get some photos done before she moves away.  I really liked what I captured that day and I really love the ones that I got of Cathline!!  Thanks for choosing me as your photographer, it's helping me build my portfolio.  Hope you enjoy your photos.  Now here are just some of the photos from that day!! :)




[email protected] (Pink Rain Photography) Family Photography Fri, 31 Aug 2012 21:38:43 GMT
The Cronin Family Had a fun afternoon taking the Cronin's family photos!! (A.K.A. - brother-in-law and sister-in-law).  I was excited for this photo-shoot because I had so many ideas written down that I wanted to try.  I must say that I was pleased with my results!!  Next time I do a family photo-shoot with little ones I'm bringing jelly beans!!  Ryland and Emily did very good I think, even though they weren't feeling good...and neither was Richard.  But they were still troopers and did whatever I wanted them to do!!  Emily had fun with her balloons, she was a little sad when she let them go.  Thanks guys for your co-operation!!  Here are just some of the photos from that day!!
One balloon pops!!

Here are the balloons...up...up & away!!

[email protected] (Pink Rain Photography) Children Photography Family Photography Sat, 25 Aug 2012 05:38:57 GMT