1)  BE COMFORTABLE - you want to be comfortable in an outfit because it will be shown in the photographs that are taken.  You want to feel at ease.  Don't pick something that you have to keep re-adjusting or too tight. 

2)  COMPLEMENTS BODY - clothing that complements your body.  Everyone is beautiful.  But pick out an outfit that complements your body.  So that when you see the end results of your photos, your not wishing to re-do your photos.  So your job is to pick & outfit that you love on your body.  There will be NO RETAKES!  

3)  DISTRACTION FREE -  pick out something that has no big logo, sayings on it or loud patterns on it!  It is distracting & you don't want that to be the focal point of the photo.  Oh & wrinkle free because NO I'm not going to fix that!  

4)  CONSISTENT -  the style of clothing everyone should be wearing should be the same.  Example:  Casual wear jean & a t-shirt etc.  For formal wear dresses & ties etc.  For contemporary wear jeans/jean skirt with a dressy top & heels etc. 

5)  COMPLIMENTARY -   it looks awesome when the group wears complimentary colours, rather then everyone wearing the same color.  

6)  HAIR, JEWELRY, MAKE-UP & NAIL POLISH - bring a hair brush.  If wearing jewelry avoid bright or shinny.  For make-up keep it simple, natural tones & colours are best.  If you want to wear nail polish make sure in coordinates with your outfit & that you touch it up before photos if it is chipping.  

It is always a good idea to bring a change of clothes.  Incase your child has an accident on the way to the photo shoot or to change it up a bit!

Some clients have asked me what to wear, so I hope this helps you out in choosing the best outfit.